Ide & Design

Gullsmed Marie Mikalsen

"The Norwegian Heart" is a mini heart-shaped, precious metal necklace that symbolizes one's love of Norway.

The inspiration for "The Norwegian Heart" comes from Jeweler Marie Mikalsen's love of the beautiful country, Norway,  and the knowledge that many like her, want to have a symbol of this
-especially in a precious metal.

 The necklace comes in three different sizes in silver, and one size in gold (yellow or white gold).  Silver: Small H:9inches, Medium H:12,5inches, Big H:16,5inches
Gold: 10

A diamond, or other precious stone, can be inserted upon request to personalize the piece.
The Norwegian Heart is exclusively sold at Goldsmith Marie Mikalsen and the FAG-gullsmedene in Norway (see: Forhandlere)

Idea and design
Jeweler Marie Mikalsen Kj°rkleiv

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